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9th August 2018

Berkswell School Book Club Reviews

As part of our ongoing mission to encourage children to read, learn, play and create, we have been partnering with primary schools across the country in our new School Review campaign.

Much in the same way we work with book bloggers across social media, we have been giving schools the opportunity to read brand new books ahead of release, in a bid to encourage interest and provide a meaningful context for children on their reading journey.

By sending schools press releases and advance copies of new titles, we aim to actively support their ongoing mission to raise the profile of books and inspire a future love of reading. 

Becky McCabe, Year 4 teacher and book club leader at Berskwell Primary School in Coventry, who recently reviewed some of our Willow Tree titles prior to their publication, said:

‘The kids were SO excited to receive a “special book” each. They wrote the reviews completely by themselves – they have loved both the books!’


Read the children’s reviews below:


Survivors Book 1 – The Empty City by Erin Hunter

This book is about a lone dog – called Lucky- who finds himself a survivor of the ‘Big Growl’. Now, the world is crumbling around the packs of dogs that remain. Will they ever be able to find their ‘Longpaws’ (long lost owners)? To be continued…

This amazing book is by the New York Time’s bestselling author, Erin Hunter. She is an absolutely great author who writes gripping books. She wrote this wonderful book from a dog perspective which is lovely because usually it is from a human’s perspective. This is an amazing book with brilliant vocabulary; if you have not read this book you are missing out!

By Eli


This action-packed adventure is about a lone dog (Lucky) who goes through an exceptionally dangerous journey with a very unusual pack. Lucky will teach them how to hunt and how to survive in the wild. Will Lucky and his leashed dog pals survive in this this new world without humans?

Survivors is a very unique book by Erin Hunter, New York Times bestselling author with over 40 million books sold worldwide. It is narrated by a dog’s perspective which is very unusual as dogs can’t actually read and write. This book is very inventive because Hunter has stepped into a dogs shoes and named things as a dog would name them, so your mission as a reader is to take some time to figure out what is going on. This quirky book will blow your mind!

By Abi


This gripping book is written by Erin Hunter (the New York Times bestselling author of warriors).It is a very unique book because she has put herself in dogs’ shoes (paws) to write it.

 It is about a lone dog (Lucky) who has survived ‘The Big Growl’. It’s time for dogs to rule the world. The challenge for you, the reader, is to find out what things are from the dogs’ view. This incredible book is mind –blowing and it is a real page turner that you won’t want to put down!

By Rosie


Princess Pirates Book 1 – Topaz – The Sunken Treasure by Rose Lacey

Don’t be fooled by the sparkles and pinkness of ‘Topaz’; ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ has never been truer.’ The adventure of Topaz and her pirate friends teaches us a lesson, telling you that you could be anything you want; you don’t have to be a boy to like pirates and you don’t have to be a girl to love princesses.

Topaz is the captain of a group of best friends who work as a team to defeat the evil witch ‘Obsidian’. The fearless heroines discover their magical powers that can help them along the way. Can Topaz and her friends find the sunken treasure of Lemuria?   

By Abi

Here at Imagine That HQ, we absolutely LOVE the children’s reviews and the fact that the core messages within the books have shone through. Thank you to Berkswell Book Club for their fantastic reviews – it’s wonderful to know that our books are helping fuel the children’s enjoyment of reading.

We are currently looking to work with more schools as part of our School Review campaign. For more information, please contact sarah@imaginethat.com.

The adventure of Topaz and her pirate friends teaches us a lesson, telling you that you could be anything you want; you don’t have to be a boy to like pirates and you don’t have to be a girl to love princesses.