18th November 2019

National Princess Day

It’s time to don your crown and sashay like royalty as today is National Princess Day!

Aside from the sparkly embellishments though, being a princess is work. It’s not all about the pretty jewels and Prince Charming. Being a princess means being strong, fearless and kind too!

To celebrate all the princesses out there we have given you a round-up of our most regal titles, featuring our favourite story princesses. Which one are you?


Scratch and Draw Princesses
By Nat Lambert, illustrated by Barry Green
ISBN: 978-1-78700-233-3 (Hardcover)

Create AMAZING rainbow and foil art with Scratch and Draw Princesses!

Scratch and draw pictures are simple to complete, but the results look fantastic as the rainbow and foil effects are revealed by scratching away the surface of the special cards with the included writing stylus. Scratch and Draw Princesses includes step-by-step instructions to learn how to draw different princesses, Prince Charming, a fairy godmother and more. There is also an exciting princess-themed scratch art adventure story to complete. Creative art activity fun, perfect for children age 5 and up.

Available to buy from: Amazon UK / Hive / The Book People 


Search and Find Princesses
By Susie Linn, illustrated by Lauren Ellis
ISBN: 978-1-78700-033-9 (UK Paperback) / 978-1-78700-034-6 (US Paperback)

It’s a search and find princess party as youngsters age 5 and up are invited to search and find over 1,000 princess things. From princess carriages and palaces to sparkling jewels and animal friends, children must search the busy princess scenes to find every hidden item.

With sparkly highlights on the cover, this would be a perfect gift fit for any princess in the making!

Available to buy from: Amazon UK / Amazon USWaterstones / Hive / Barnes & Noble 


555 Sticker Fun Princess Palace
By Susan Mayes, illustrated by Lauren Ellis
ISBN: 978-1-78244-514-2 (Paperback)

Complete colourful and exciting scenes with over 500 stickers to choose from!

From the grand banqueting hall to the princess’ bedroom, get ready for sticker fun and make the palace come to life. The activity fun doesn’t stop there – look out for the hidden character on every spread. A perfect title for little princesses everywhere!

Available to buy from: Amazon UK / Waterstones / Hive


Sleeping Beauty Picture book
Retold by Jamie French, illustrated by Kimberley Barnes
ISBN: 978-1-78958-196-6 (Paperback)

Fairy power! When Princess Briar Rose is a baby, a wicked fairy casts a spell. Will the spell come true? Can the good fairies save the day?

Relive the magic of the classic fairy tale, originally written by The Brothers Grimm, and retold by Jamie French. With absorbing illustrations throughout by Kimberly Barnes, young readers will be enchanted to discover whether good will triumph over evil in this favourite tale of family, love and bravery.

Available to buy from: The Works  


Beauty and the Beast Picture book
Retold by Sarah Lucy, illustrated by Kimberely Barnes
ISBN: 978-1-78958-195-9 (Paperback)

Strong and spirited heroine? Check!

When Beauty stays at the Beast’s castle, she longs to return to her family. Will Beauty grow to love the Beast and break the magic spell? Or will it be too late?

Relive the magic of the classic fairy tale, originally written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, and retold by Sarah Lucy. With absorbing illustrations throughout by Kimberly Barnes, young readers will be enchanted to discover whether love really will conquer all in this favourite tale of family, friendship and loyalty.

Available to buy from: The Works 


Princess Pirates Series
by Rose Lacey, illustrated by Georgie Fearns 
Book 1 ISBN: 978-1-78700-443-6 (UK Paperback) / 978-1-78700-456-6 (US Paperback) 
Book 2 ISBN: 978-1-78700-448-1 (UK Paperback) / 978-1-78700-460-3 (US Paperback)
Book 3 ISBN: 978-1-78700-734-5 (UK Paperback) / 978-1-78700-733-8 (US Paperback)

Action-packed, swashbuckling adventures set in a magical island world!

A battle for the magical world of Lemuria is raging and an evil sorceress called Obsidian is on the brink of victory. Get ready for swashbuckling adventures with the Princess Pirates as they use their magical powers to help the people and animals of Lemuria, whilst embracing the values of teamwork, friendship, girl power, courage, and loyalty.

Book 1 available to buy from: Amazon UK / Amazon US / Waterstones / Hive / Barnes and Noble
Book 2 available to buy from: Amazon UK / Amazon US / Waterstones / Hive / Barnes and Noble
Book 3 available to buy from: Amazon UK / Amazon US / Waterstones / Hive / Barnes and Noble


Cuddle the Magic Kitten: Princess Party Sleepover 
By Hayley Daze
ISBN: 978-1-78700-520-4 (UK Paperback)

When Cuddle the kitten comes to play, magic is never far away!

Whenever Cuddle the cutest kitten appears, a sparkle of her kitten magic takes best friends Olivia and Grace on amazing explorations. In Princess Party Sleepover, Cuddle takes Olivia and Grace on a royal adventure to a magical masked ball. With kitten magic, will the best friends be able to persuade a young princess to go to the ball and make her parents proud?

Each title in the Cuddle series features adorable black and white drawings, supporting reading comprehension and ensuring children will smile from ear-to-ear as they read! The perfect series for animal lovers aged six and up.

Author Hayley Daze (the pen name of best-selling author Jane Clarke) is the winner of the Nottingham Children’s Book Award and has sold one million copies worldwide with her book series Dinosaur Cove, written under her other author name Rex Stone.

Available to buy from: Amazon UK / Amazon US / Watertsones / Hive / Barnes & Noble

Don’t miss Cuddle’s other adventures!

Book 1: Magical Friends 9781787004412
Book 2: Superstar Dreams 9781787004474
Book 4: School of Spells 9781789580389


And there we have it – your wish fulfilled, a selection of royally good reads!
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