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Willow Tree Wood Book 2 - Little Deer and the Dragon

  • Illustrator: Georgie Fearns
  • Author: J. S. Betts
  • ISBN: 978-1-78958-320-5
  • Published: 01-Apr-2020
  • Price: $4.99

In Willow Tree Wood, there's magic everywhere if you know where to look!

Each time Molly and Tom visit Willow Tree Wood to stay with Grandma, they find themselves in adventures beyond their wildest dreams. Ideal for emerging readers, with engaging characters, cute animals, and magical creatures. Featuring a fill-in book review.

In Little Deer and the Dragon, Molly and Tom discover a baby deer left all on its own. With the help of a small dragon, a magic potion, and a special wish, will the Willow Tree Wood Magic be strong enough to save the day?

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Unique Selling Points

Features a book review to promote consolidation of reading comprehension, memory and recall.

Cute animals and magical creatures combine in this fantasy series for emerging readers.

Author: J. S. Betts

J. S. Betts is an experienced book editor and a prolific writer of both children's non-fiction and fiction, including numerous picture books. Writing under pen names, his books have sold over one million copies worldwide. Willow Tree Wood is J. S. Betts' debut chapter fiction series.

Illustrator: Georgie Fearns

Georgie is a London-based illustrator, designer and storyboard artist with great creative flair and versatility. She originally specialised in fashion and lifetstyle, but was soon drawn to the fun and exciting world of children's books, where her lovingly-created characters help to bring each story vividly to life.