Tiny Town Let's Go Shopping

  • Illustrator: Lemon Ribbon
  • Author: Joshua George
  • ISBN: 978-1-78700-387-3
  • Published: 01-Sep-2018
  • Age: 3 to 5
  • Price: $12.99

Push-out-and-play jigsaw book.

Visit Tiny Town with this giant-jigsaw storybook that's ideal for children age 3 and up. Each spread includes a big, easy-to-use jigsaw piece that pushes out to make a giant six-piece Tiny Town shopping scene jigsaw. The rhyming text appeals to new and emerging readers and the big jigsaw pieces are perfect for little hands!

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Unique Selling Points

Join all six jigsaw pieces...

... to MAKE a giant Tiny Town jigsaw scene

Author: Joshua George

Joshua George is an experienced author of both fiction and non-fiction for children. His books have been published under various pen names in over 20 countries and have sold over one million copies worldwide. Joshua's picture book 'Roar! went the Lion' was selected for the 2017 Bookstart Corner library pack.

Illustrator: Lemon Ribbon

Set up in 2009, Lemon Ribbon create little packages of imagination; unique, on-trend designs that children, parents and retailers love. And they have great fun doing it! From their studio in London, their team of talented designers produce prints and graphics that sell around the world. They are proud to have developed one of the world's best youth-focused design studios.