Squishy Squashy Puppy

Series: Squishy Squashy Books

  • Illustrator: Carrie Hennon
  • Author: Jenny Copper
  • ISBN: 978-1-78958-148-5
  • Published: 01-Oct-2019
  • Price: $8.99

Discover a Squishy Squashy world! Meet Puppy and his friends in this adorable rhyming storybook that is full of squishy squashy fun!

Squish and squash the puppy as you read the rhyming story and discover all the things that Puppy loves to do. Perfect for interactive play, for shared reading or for reading alone, these delightful touchable books are full of squishy squashy fun!

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Unique Selling Points

The fun, interactive story encourages lots of play with each squishy squashy animal.

Die-cuts reveal the squishy animal on the cover and interiors.

Author: Jenny Copper

Jenny Copper is a children's book editor and author who has been creating stories ever since she could read and write. Jenny lives in the Suffolk countryside with her two very spotty Dalmatians. Jenny's favourite authors are Terry Pratchett, Roald Dahl and Jane Austen. 

Illustrator: Carrie Hennon

Since graduating from art school, Carrie has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and art editor for the past 18 years. Carrie is passionate about children's book illustration and is continually inspired by her daily contact with the artists whom she commissions. She has also written her own books for the very young.