Princess Pirates Book 3: Opal The Monstrous Forest

Series: Princess Pirates

  • Illustrator: Dyana More
  • Author: Rose Lacey
  • ISBN: 978-1-78700-733-8
  • Published: 01-Apr-2019
  • Price: $4.99

Action-packed, swashbuckling adventures set in a magical island world!

A battle for the magical world of Lemuria is raging and an evil sorceress called Obsidian is on the brink of defeating the five royal families. Get ready for buccaneering adventures with the Princess Pirates as they use their magical powers to help the people and animals of Lemuria, whilst embracing the values of teamwork, friendship, girl power, courage, and loyalty.

Join Opal in book 3 as the Princess Pirates battle to release the Purple Isle from a terrible curse. Opal can speak with the animals, but she will need courage to keep her Princess Pirate friends safe in their most dangerous adventure so far! Will they save the day and escape from the monstrous forest?

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Unique Selling Points

Self-confidence boosting and life-affirming themes!

Features striking line art throughout.

Author: Rose Lacey

Rose Lacey lives by the coast and is an editor by day and a swashbuckling adventure story writer by night. She has a pair of parrots who are almost as clever as Pegleg (a parrot in the Princess Pirates series of books) and on holiday she crews a boat with her best friend from school. Rose loves exploring beaches, which is where she dreams up her stories.

Illustrator: Dyana More

Hailing from the the South West of England, Dyana has over 15 years experience creating illustrations for a wide range of children's books and products. With the ability to create art in a variety of styles using different media, no two projects are the same, meaning Dyana's interest and excitement in creating new artwork continues to grow and grow ...