Hairy-tales Rainbowcorn

  • Illustrator: Matthew Scott
  • Author: Lou Treleaven
  • ISBN: 978-1-80105-760-8
  • Age: 3 to 5

Discover swishy, playful fun at the end of the rainbow ribbon hair in this exciting and brand new 'Hairy-tales' story book!

Swish and play with the curly rainbow ribbon hair on every page as you read about a magical unicorn. Rainbowcorn the unicorn used to have a plain white mane, but one day she galloped through a rainbow and her mane was never quite the same - it transformed into magical rainbow colours! With a funny rhyming story to read and curly rainbow ribbons to swish and play with, this novelty story book will keep children entertained for hours!

Unique Selling Points

Watch your child be entertained for hours as they play with the rainbow ribbon hair in each book.

The curly, ribbon bow hair is hands-on, swishy finger fun for little hands to play with.

Author: Lou Treleaven

Lou Treleaven's first picture book was published in 2016 and she is now the author of over 20 children's books including The Snowflake Mistake read on CBeebies Bedtime by Suranne Jones. She lives in a Bedfordshire village with her family and likes reading, art, gaming and her cat Badger.

Illustrator: Matthew Scott

Matthew's bold, colourful artwork has seen him working with a diverse range of creative teams to produce Children's books, Toys, Games, Apps and Animations for TV shows. His artwork always begins its life with sketches using pencil and paper, which is the coloured digitally using various programs and scanned textures.

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