• Illustrator: Villie Karabatzia
  • Author: Bobbie Brooks
  • ISBN: 978-1-78958-929-0
  • Published: 15-Jun-2021
  • Age: 1 to 5
  • Price: £6.99

Explore and learn all about the farm with this interactive book that's full of tractors and animals to move as you push, pull and slide the card tabs on the pages!

There is a chunky card mechanism on each page to push, pull or slide to make the busy farm pictures come to life! The simple, easy-to-read story accompanies bright and friendly illustrations of busy farm scenes that feature lots of things to see and say as you read through the book.

The sturdy card push and pull mechanisms are perfect for little hands to interact with as they move the farm characters and discover the additional farm-themed facts on each busy scene.

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Unique Selling Points

Interactive board books with push, pull and slide mechanisms on each page.

Chunky board books with sturdy card moving mechanisms.

Author: Bobbie Brooks

Bobbie is a children's book author and editor from London, who writes fun and interactive books for children of all ages. Bobbie loves writing books that explain how things work or books that are packed full of interesting facts.

Illustrator: Villie Karabatzia

Villie was born in Athens and studied illustration at Ornerakis School of Applied Art. Having worked as a children's book illustrator since 2008, she loves creating playful characters, interesting compositions and giving emphasis on colour, working often digitally, but also traditionally, with a fresh and whimsical style.