Famous Explorers

Series: Lift-the-flap History

  • Illustrator: Ed Myer
  • Author: Joshua George
  • ISBN: 978-1-78700-996-7
  • Published: 01-Aug-2019
  • Price: $9.99

Travel back in time and meet famous explorers in this fact-packed lift-the-flap book!

Who was Leif Erikson? What did Christopher Columbus do? When was the Moon landing? Find the answers to all these questions and more. Each humorous scene is packed with facts and interactive flaps that let you bring history to life. Don't just read about the explorers...meet them!

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Unique Selling Points

Humour is used to deliver accurate historical information, making learning fun!

Over 150 facts and 50 flaps to lift

Author: Joshua George

Joshua George is an experienced author of both fiction and non-fiction for children. His books have been published under various pen names in over 20 countries and have sold over one million copies worldwide. Joshua's picture book 'Roar! went the Lion' was selected for the 2017 Bookstart Corner library pack.

Illustrator: Ed Myer

Ed creates his bright colourful illustrations by hand drawing the scenes and characters and then colouring them digitally. His style is very popular in children's books and he has been published in many countries.