Donut Touch

  • Illustrator: Alex Willmore
  • Author: Seb Davey
  • ISBN: 978-1-80105-125-5
  • Published: 01-Sep-2021
  • Age: 3 to 5
  • Price: $9.99

Mikey the T. rex loves donuts, but he doesn't like sharing. When Mikey's delicious donuts start to disappear one by one, he thinks that the reader is taking them, but he is too busy worrying about his donut dilemma to see what's right behind him. Will Mikey ever learn to share?

A laugh-out-loud, interactive story in which readers must try to turn the pages without touching the donuts and upsetting the dinosaur. Complete with sparkly foil cover finish.

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Unique Selling Points

Reassuring reads on themes of family, caring, love and more.

Adorable illustrations combined with a high quality padded cover finish!

Author: Seb Davey

Seb Davey (who also writes under the pen names of Oakley Graham and Amber Lily) has written many bestselling children's books during his career, including 'Donut Touch', which won the Nottingham Children's Book Award in 2022, and 'There's a Bear in my Book!', which won the baby category of the Sheffield Children's Book Awards in 2021. Alongside writing Seb enjoys running ultra-marathons and surfing. Pass him a donut if you see him. He'll probably need it!

Illustrator: Alex Willmore

UK-born illustrator Alex Willmore is passionate about character design and likes every outcome to have a real sense of fun. Recognition for his work includes being shortlisted for the Sheffield Book Award in 2017 for his first picture book, The New LiBEARian, while AdoraBULL was shortlisted in 2019. Alex's The Runaway Pea has been nominated for the 2020 CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Medal. He is author/illustrator of It's MY Sausage.

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