Black and White

  • Illustrator: Vicky Lommatzsch
  • Author: Seb Davey
  • ISBN: 978-1-80105-477-5
  • Published: 03-Oct-2022
  • Age: 1 to 3
  • Price: $8.99

Join the pandas for a funny story about empathy, friendship, and challenging misconceptions.

Lottie is a black-and-white panda and does not like playing with white-and-black pandas-they have absolutely nothing in common at all! Lola is a white-and-black panda and does not like playing with black-and-white pandas-they have absolutely nothing in common at all! 

Lottie and Lola come to realise that they do have a lot in common after all: they both like sleeping; they both like hugs and snuggles; their mom and dad; and of course they both love bamboo. 


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Unique Selling Points

Reassuring reads on themes of family, caring, love and more.

Adorable illustrations combined with a high quality padded cover finish!

Author: Seb Davey

Seb Davey (who also writes under the pen names of Oakley Graham and Amber Lily) has written many bestselling children's books during his career, including 'Donut Touch', which won the Nottingham Children's Book Award in 2022, and 'There's a Bear in my Book!', which won the baby category of the Sheffield Children's Book Awards in 2021. Alongside writing Seb enjoys running ultra-marathons and surfing. Pass him a donut if you see him. He'll probably need it!

Illustrator: Vicky Lommatzsch

Vicky's first love, as a child, was always the magical world of drawing. As a grown-up, she side-stepped this to do a Master's degree in Linguistics, then three years of illustration at the Ghent Academy of Arts. Now, after shaking off what she calls the monster of 'Routine' that was hiding in the business world, she has returned to what she loves most, showing the magic she saw as a child to others.

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