Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble


  • Illustrator: Jennie Poh
  • Author: Oakley Graham

Bodhi loves bath time and he likes the bubbles most of all. But when Bodhi adds (a lot!) more bubble bath to the water, he could not have dreamt what would happen next.

Children age 3 and up will love to follow Bodhi as he travels around the world in an enormous bubble in this humorous picture book by Oakley Graham. But how will Bodhi get home?

An ideal storybook for emerging readers and for parents to read to their children.

Unique Selling Points

Award-winning authors and illustrators.

Great gift appeal with high-quality production and striking cover treatments!

Author: Oakley Graham

After studying for BA (Hons) and MA degrees in English and American literature, Oakley Graham has been writing children's books ever since. He has penned over 200 children's books on topics ranging from reference to picture storybooks. A published author in over 60 countries, Oakley has produced work for Penguin, Disney, School Specialty, Scholastic, Barnes & Noble, The Hayward Art Gallery London, Washington Corcoran Gallery of Art and Imagine That, to name but a few.

Illustrator: Jennie Poh

Jennie was born in England and grew up in Malaysia (in the jungle). Pen and paper by her side at all times, she loved drawing princesses and writing stories. Jennie enjoys drawing quirky beautiful girly stuff and cute animals and works with ink, watercolour, collage, origami paper and pencils. She also cooks a mean curry!